" The distance and the difference"

"The distance and the difference"( "L'écart et la différence") is the title of a solo exhibition in La Maison Lismonde, Linkebeek, Belgium.

The french words are taken from a radiophonic interview of François Julien (France Culture) about his book "Vivre de paysage ou l'impensé de la raison", Gallimard, 2014 (https://www.franceculture.fr/emissions/la-conversation-scientifique/converser-avec-francois-jullien)

The works presented in the exhibition are mostly works on paper. They are photographs printed on drawing paper (300gr) with interventions in tempera, oil, pastels and watercolours.

Dimension : about 65/85 cm

Each work can have a title among the following :

- the distance and the difference

- continued/discontinued

- the underlying structure

- Cyclical sequel of consecutive segments